The Actionable Insights Company.

We are an enterprise artificial intelligence solutions firm.
Our expertise is in delivering end-to-end artificial intelligence solutions that cover data engineering, model architecturing, training, testing and deployment.

Our services portfolio

Our services

We develop, train, test and deploy highly scalable, ethical, equitable and explainable artificial intelligence models in enterprise settings.

Since 2017, we have beeen applying our artificial intelligence development principles to create:

  • Machine vision classifiers
  • Machine vision segmentation models
  • Recommendation engines
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) networks
  • Image generative models
  • Text generative models
  • Structured tabular data analysis models
  • Contextual models

Our highly focused, purposeful and mission driven artificial intelligence solutions have been deployed for the following industry verticals:
  • Financial industry
  • Government agencies
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Pharmaceuticals and bio-technology applications
  • Space and satellite industry applications
  • Education technology
  • Fast-fashion retail